Jacob May Heirloom Cutting Board - Black Walnut

These heirloom-quality cutting boards make an impression—as much works of art as utilitarian items—their intricate, flowing, fractal-like patterns, punctuated with a single brass plug, are unique and beautiful. Jacob May crafts each board by hand in a painstaking process that begins at the lumberyard and culminates in his Oakland, California workshop. There he precisely cuts and assembles the boards piece by piece, forming each time a singular visual effect.

The black walnut boards, with their dark color, are particularly elegant; some have bands or small patches of paler, almost-blonde wood, or patterns evocative of horizon lines. They are weighty but not overly large—the right size for carrying to the table or passing among guests. Food looks beautiful on it - we love the walnut especially for a breakfast selection of scones and curd, or a single loaf cake.

Every functional detail of these boards has been thoughtfully considered: The end-grain cutting surface preserves the edge of your knives, and when oiled, will heal many of its own scars. The embossed brass plug has a recessed pocket on the back for hanging. Finger grooves are notched into the short edges for easy handling. Each block has been rubbed with mineral oil and coated with a beeswax finish.

To maintain your board’s beauty for generations, clean it with gentle soap and water after use, then dry it with a cloth. From time to time, rub it with mineral oil or spoon butter. A thorough guide to caring for your board, composed by Jacob May, is included. 

Please keep in mind, each board is a unique, handmade work of art, and will feature slight pattern variation.

16 x 9 x 1 5/8 inches
6 3/4 pounds

Made by Jacob May
Oakland, California

The heirloom cutting board is also available in White Oak