Jacob May Cutting Board - Bleached Maple w/o Strap

Exclusive to QUITOKEETO, these bleached maple, heirloom-quality, cutting boards are beautiful and functional. The pale hardwood is offset with brass hardware, and leather strap (also available with strap), complimenting the modern lines of each board. Note the brass hardware on the back, allowing the board to be mounted on a wall when not in use.

Jacob May crafts each board by hand in a painstaking process that begins at the lumberyard and culminates in his Oakland, California workshop. There he precisely cuts and assembles the boards piece by piece.

We love this board for just about everything - cutting, chopping, and serving. Food looks beautiful on it, and it is thin and light enough for everyday use. Please note these boards will absolutely change and patina over time. The light wood will stain when exposed to certain foods and ingredients (beets, turmeric, etc.) Each block has been rubbed with mineral oil and coated with a beeswax finish which offers a layer of protection, but if you're looking to maintain the paleness of the wood, please be mindful of this.

Care: To maintain your board’s beauty, clean it with gentle soap and water after use, then dry it with a cloth. From time to time, rub it with mineral oil or spoon butter. Do not leave submerged in water.

Please keep in mind, each board is a unique, handmade work of art, and will feature slight pattern variations.

~15 x 12 x 3/4 inches

Made by Jacob May
Oakland, California

The Jacob May Cutting Board in Bleached Maple
is also available with strap. See all Jacob May