Joseph's Rose Petal Syrup

June Taylor and Joseph Minocchi share neighboring stalls at the Saturday morning San Francisco farmers’ market. She sells jewel-toned, handcrafted preserves. He, lovely bouquets, herbs, wild greens and edible weeds. A few times a year Joseph brings a harvest of fuchsia petals from his David Austin roses to June, and she gently extracts them into this blushing pink beauty of a syrup. To say it’s special and rare is an understatement. We have twelve bottles available from her only batch this year.

In addition to the recipe linked below, a few ideas: drizzle over salty, hard cheeses (in place of honey) / toss with sliced strawberries and leave to macerate (A+ over cornmeal waffles) / use to sweeten lightly whipped cream / add a splash to a glass of Prosecco / experiment by using in place of maple syrup or honey.

Recipe: Rose Sabayon

7.5 fluid ounces.
June Taylor Company

Made in California at The Still-Room.