June Taylor Yuzu Jelly

For those in the know, this is one of June's more beloved preserves. She makes the jelly in small single-pot batches from local yuzu fruit. Citrus enthusiasts often make their way to the yuzu for its complex, layered flavor profile, and electric flavor. The way June uses it here delivers an intense, lemondrop candy start, eventually developing into a beautiful, tart, floral-lime finish. The jelly is flecked with tiny slivers of hand-cut peel, is deep golden yellow in color, and reflects light like stained glass. It’s perfect on simple toasts, but also works well with minced garlic used as a simple glaze, combined with olive oil as a drizzle for soups, and slathered on grapefruit halves that have been sprinkled with brown sugar and placed beneath a broiler as an easy dessert. We have a few cases, but it will be the last until the next yuzu crop.

June’s marmalades are handcut and traditionally stovetop-cooked. They are made with locally-grown fresh fruit from small family farms using sustainable agricultural practices.

Recipe: Yuzu Paneer Kebab

8 ounces.
June Taylor Company

Made in California at The Still-Room.