K Sabatier Antique 8-inch Stainless Chef's Knife

We occasionally are able to list small numbers of special antique knives. This is the last of a batch of K Sabatier 8-inch stainless steel chef's knives available. Produced in the 1950s by the renowned French company, they've been safely stored in new condition ever since. These knives are considered "new old stock" and offer the unusual opportunity to work with a vintage knife in its original condition. Each knife’s blade is hand forged, stainless steel. The handles are beautiful European black wood, showing delicate grain, warm shades of dark wood, and a matte finish. 

No two of these knives are identical—the natural wood of the handles varies a bit, and there are occasional slight imperfections typical of handmade knives of the era: slight divots in the handle near the bolster or waviness in the edge. This knife is rustic in all the ways you want this sort of knife to be.

Care: Do your best to keep the knife dry. Wipe it with a clean cloth after each use or hand washing, and store it in a block or a special spot where it won’t knock against other knives. To maintain the blade’s edge, you can employ your favorite method of sharpening; we prefer to use Japanese water stones.

The availability of these knives is very limited.
Each knife has a 8-inch blade.
Crafted in France. 

We occasionally have K Sabatier antique paring knives available as well, and other old stock listed on the K Sabatier page.