Lavender Thyme

Lavender thyme holds all the earthy, warming magic of classic thyme, touched by the essence of lavender. There’s a defined layer of sweet florescence in its aroma, as well as hints of cedar and eucalyptus. Its clusters of tiny gray-green leaves are punctuated by the occasional grouping of pale flowers, as the thyme was harvested just as it began to blossom. It adds a savory, aromatic depth to food.

Generally, thyme can be used raw or cooked, but this one is so fragrant and unusual that we tend to reserve it as a finishing touch. This way, its flavor and fragrance can reach the palate at full strength. Crush it in a mortar and pestle just before use, or rub it between the palms of your hands to release its fragrant oils as you shower it onto preparations. Flavors we especially love it with are goat cheese, spicy olive oil, and sesame.

Quitokeeto’s culinary herbs are sourced by us, and grown in northern California, by farmers who practice organic and biodynamic methods. Each herb is harvested at its peak, when most vibrant, aromatic, and beautiful. They are dried naturally and gently to preserve their potency. These herbs are seasonally available in limited quantity.

Solubility: water, fat, alcohol

Suggested Culinary Uses:

-Make Lavender Thyme Za’atar, using sesame, lavender thyme, black sesame, and rose petals.

-Drizzle whipped goat cheese with good honey, then sprinkle with lavender thyme and a bit of sea salt.

-Crumble over an open-faced egg salad sandwich with a thread of olive oil.

-Infuse butter with lavender thyme, and use as a finishing drizzle over mashed or baked potatoes. 

-Crush over a warm plum tart or galette.

-Add a teaspoon to boost this detoxifying mint tea.

-Bake into walnut bread.

Complements: Potatoes, shortbread, butter, scones, plums, berries, nuts, mushrooms, rye, farro, olive oil, sesame

Traditional and Therapeutic Uses: Thyme has long been used within traditional cultures to support wellness and balance. It is a powerfully antiseptic herb and is often used to calm coughs and respiratory distress. You see it used to prevent cavities and promote oral health, and it is considered a premium fighter of infection, cancer, inflammation, and ulcers.

100 ml glass jar
Product of California.