L'Effet Papillon Honeydew

L’Effet Papillon is a prized raw Laurentian honeydew - the name means the butterfly effect. It is thick as caramel*, opaque, and sweet with a hint of woody astringency. Honeydew looks like a honey, but isn't. Instead of deriving from blossom nectar, this honeydew comes from elevated hives placed high in the trees of the forest surrounding the village of Ferme-Neuve in Quebec. There is a relatively rare phenomenon that only occurs in a few places around the world (including Ferme-Neuve) where the bees forage a sap that has been gathered and transformed by insects. The resulting honeydew is often prized for its increased mineral content and medicinal properties.  L’Effet Papillon is a treasure - strong and fragrant, it’s the sort of thing to slather, drizzle, or spoon straight from its large wide-mouthed jar.   

Recipe: Cultured Honeydew Butter
Recipe: Milk & Honeydew Granita

1 kilo / 2.2 pound jar
Product of Canada | Societe-Orignal

*Please keep in mind, honeydew naturally crystallizes over time, slowly becoming less fluid. If your honey becomes more dense than you like, give it a stir and/or remove the lid, place in a warm spot (or in a bowl of warm water), and stir regularly until it returns to the consistency you prefer.