Linen Bento Bags

A set of three bento bags. Made to replace plastic bags, these are another fantastically utilitarian kitchen/life staple. Like the wrapping cloth, they're the sort of thing I reach for regularly as I try to phase plastics and other single-use disposables from my kitchen. Made of beautiful, durable, natural linen, they're easily tied, using two flaps, to secure contents. Use them to transport produce, grains, snacks, or just about anything you need to keep separate when you're out and about. They're a constant in my farmers' market bag, and any oversized purse!  -Heidi

Use your bento bags:
   - at the farmers' market.
   - when you shop for grains, rice, or pulses in bulk.
   - in your purse for cosmetics, jewelry, or keys.
   - as a way to wrap a gift.
   - as a way to bundle lunch or snacks.

Approximately 10" (wide) x 4 (deep)
Tare weight: 1.25 oz.

Made in California. 

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