Love Delhi

These are my very favorite guide books - informative, impeccably curated, and beautifully designed. It's like having a completely in-the-know friend at your side. If you're going to India, or just want to day-dream about a future trip, you can't do better...-Heidi

Love Delhi: current edition (4th)

Delhi is a great city in the truest sense. It has been inhabited since 1000 BC, and is a place where ancientness neighbors new industry, government, and modern culture to a degree only rivaled by Athens. This expansive-yet-discerning guide points towards both the best chaiwallahs and skyline views from the Delhi branch of Le Cirque; to comprehensive art galleries, the 90-acre sanctuary of Lodhi Garden, archaeological fascinations, boutique yoga studios, and textile ateliers. It's the filter you need to chip away at a city known to be chaotic.

Fiona Caulfield, creator of the Love guides, moved to India in 2004. She embarked on a project to navigate through the bustle and the tourist-focused attractions into the kind of experience she wanted: one with room for full-strength authenticity, quality, style, and the quirks and idiosyncrasies that imbue a place with its unique sensibility. The treasures she has unearthed through years of investigating tips from locals are collected here, in entries that read like notes from a friend and include anecdotes about her personal experiences.

Love Travel Guides are completely handmade in India - printed on delicately textured, handmade paper, and fitted with hand-loomed khadi cotton covers.

184 pages
Made in India