Love Jaipur

These are my very favorite guide books - informative, impeccably curated, and beautifully designed. It's like having a completely in-the-know friend at your side. If you're going to India, or just want to day-dream about a future trip, you can't do better... -Heidi

Love Jaipur: current edition (3rd)

Jaipur is a mysterious, ancient city with a rich craft legacy, where pink-washed houses lie beside frantic market places, and secluded paths sneak up hillsides towards far-reaching views. This impeccably curated and painstakingly researched book will help you explore, pointing you towards experiences that range from combing the best antique shops, seeking out lassi served in earthen kulhars, meeting with a fortune-teller, and visiting the studio of a seventh-generation jeweler. And, if you're lucky, Love Jaipur will help you find Mr. Tikam Chand and his 150-year-old Zeiss camera for a street-side photo session.

Fiona Caulfield, creator of the Love guides, moved to India in 2004. She embarked on a project to navigate through the bustle and the tourist-focused attractions into the kind of experience she wanted: one with room for full-strength authenticity, quality, style, and the quirks and idiosyncrasies that imbue a place with its unique sensibility. The treasures she has unearthed through years of investigating tips from locals are collected here, in entries that read like notes from a friend and include anecdotes about her personal experiences.

Love Travel Guides are completely handmade in India - printed on delicately textured, handmade paper, and fitted with hand-loomed khadi cotton covers.


172 pages
Made in India