Magnus Lundström Black Walnut Spice Mill

We always thought we'd list a classic brass spice mill on QUITOKEETO, but after struggling with a number of them, this black walnut beauty became our favorite spice mill to use. It is an all-purpose mill with a timeless aesthetic, conceived by Swedish designer Magnus Lundström. The mill’s size is unobtrusive, and fits naturally in the hand. The top slides straight off for simple refilling, without any screwing, tinkering, or tiny parts. Its artful shape and material—American Walnut that has been treated with a natural beeswax and citrus finish—lets it transfer seamlessly from the kitchen to the table. Most importantly, we love the process of using it - so smooth! The grinding mechanism inside the mill is ceramic, and made by a long-standing Danish workshop. It is strong and durable, and will hold its grinding ability for decades. Adjust the size of the grind easily with a twist.

The mill can be used to grind almost any whole dried herb, spice, peppercorn, or salt crystal. It’s lovely for pepper, but we want to encourage you to think beyond that, too: any favored spice that you use often is fair game. You can start with one mill and expand to more over time - imagine a few mills near the stovetop—one filled with spicy peppercorns, one containing a large-grain salt, and one with whole coriander seeds or other wildcard spice inside.

It is ideal to keep a grinder dedicated to a single spice, to prevent unintended flavors from sneaking into your dishes. If you do wish to switch out what’s inside, though, first empty out the mill’s cavity, then add a small handful of medium-to-large salt crystals. Grind all of the salt through to clean the mill and grinder, then fill with a new spice.

Care instructions: If you need to clean the outside of your mill, wipe it with a damp cloth. Avoid getting it very wet or submerging it in water. 

7.5 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide
Designed by Magnus Lundström in New York City


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