Marge - Triple-Grain Muesli

This bircher-style muesli from our friends at Marge has been worth the wait. It contains no sugar, and no oil, yet is robustly filled with all manner of goodness - organic rolled oats, rye flakes, toasted almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, golden raisins, a bit of kosher salt, and a kiss of ginger.

Muesli is a Swiss morning tradition. Aside from the toasted almonds, it is unbaked. You can eat it cold (as you would any cereal) using milk, nut milk, or yogurt. You can soak it overnight as the Swiss do, or you can enjoy it warm. There are instructions on the box if you're unsure, and could use a bit of hand-holding.

Every small batch of Marge Muesli is made in Seattle, Washington. Ingredients are sourced from small farms and producers across the Pacific Northwest.

12 ounces
Made in Seattle