Midori Brass Pen Case

This is a beautiful solid brass Midori pen case, but we use it for much more. Tucked into a purse or tote pocket it's great for keeping essential small items organized. Some days we use it as intended, for styluses and sharpeners, others days it wrangles eyeliner and earbuds.

Midori has been creating timeless brass pieces since its establishment in 1950. The design of this case is simple and clean, with classic lines and a simple indent closure to keep the lid and case together when closed.

The charming text on the packaging makes us smile. Translated from Japanese, it notes, "The appearance of BRASS brings you back old memories and fascinates you deeply. Long time use changes the material quality, turning it into a precious tool."

Said another way, this is a durable piece meant to last a lifetime. The brass will age beautifully, developing a wonderful patina. Scratches and smudges should be received as a welcome evolution to your case.

Solid brass.

Dimensions:  2 x 6.7 x 0.8-inches 

Weight: 5.5 ounces
Made in Japan