Mono Filio Teapot

Years ago, a tea-enthusiast friend turned us onto her favorite teapot, the Mono Filio. Nearly a decade later, it's still the one we use. We've found it ticks all of the boxes - great for brewing a range of teas, beautiful on the counter (and throughout the brewing process), and practical enough for daily tea drinking.

Worthy of the best whole leaf teas from China, Japan or India, the Mono Filio's design consists of a large glass pot and wide sieve, allowing the leaves to unfurl and float free for an even infusion. You can visually enjoy the leaves, while carefully observing the color of your tea as it steeps. When the tea is ready, the wide basket allows the aroma of essential oils in the brewed leaves to fill the room.

Recipe: Vitamin C Tea Blend

Designed by Tassilo von Grolman in the 1980s, and still made in Germany, the 20 oz. size creates the perfect amount of tea for two people. The set comes with a lid (not pictured) to keep a brewed pot warm longer for one person. High grade stainless steel is used for the pot holder, lid and sieve, and heat-resistant borosilicate glass for the bowl. Hand wash regularly with the soft side of a regular sponge, firm side for reluctant tea stains. The set in the photos is our original Mono Filio, nearly a decade old.

Made in Germany.