Nanohana Candles

Traditional wa-rousoku candles from Japan are a departure from Western candles in a number of wonderful ways. They are carefully made by hand from natural, plant-based wax, and they feature beautiful, hollow, washi paper wicks. Air is passed up from the lower part of the candle helping to give these candles the long, bright, clean flame they are loved for. They are odorless, and produce very little smoke. We have a selection of them.

Nanohana candles are a naturally vibrant yellow, beautiful tapered, and made of canola oil wax.

These are candles for white snowy nights, or a quiet session on the yoga mat. They set a beautiful tone for a restorative soak in a hot bathtub, moments of intention setting, prayer, or meditation, or to punctuate a table scape of food and friends. A tradition of making quality time that lasts until the flame extinguishes itself is increasingly commonplace, and these candles can create a gentle reminder to carve out slower time for ourselves, friends, and family.

Care instructions: Candles are sensitive to heat. Store them in a cool place out of direct heat. Keep the candle a safe distance from other items, and do not place flammable items above the candle. Make sure they are securely attached to an appropriate candle stand before lighting.

Forty 3.5-inch candles per box
Burn length: about 45 minutes per candle
Unscented canola oil wax, paper wick

The small cast iron stand is recommended for this size nanohana candle.