Nouvelle Instruction pour les Confitures, 1711

This is the sort of treasure we hope for when sifting through old book collections. Nouvelle Instruction pour les confitures, les liqueurs, et les fruits is a cookbook thought to have been anonymously authored by Francois Massialot, first published in 1692. This copy was published in Paris in 1711, is a small yet stout 3 1/2 x 6 1/2-inches in size, and spans 480+ pages.

A glance at a random points within revels instruction (in French) for preparations like Pâtes de Fleur d'Oranges, Eau de Citron, Des Salads pour les quatre Saisons de l'Annee, Conserve de Cedre, and Bergamotte musquee.

While in good condition for a book this old, be sure to take a close look. There is some chipping at the corners, the back cover has a split of 2-inches where the back cover meets the binding. There are beautiful woodcuts and illustrations throughout, and marbled endpapers. A hard book to let go of. It's a beautiful object, and inspiring reference. We hope it goes to someone who loves all the sweet thing in life.

For those of you who might not want to take this home, but would still love to browse the pages, there is a scan of a slightly more recent edition here.


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