Oaxacan Red Clay Nested Bowls

Every kitchen should have a set of these, or something equivalent. A set of five small bowls for mise-en-place while cooking, or for toppings and seasoning when serving. Each set here was made by hand with local red clay by Mujeres del Barro Rojo in the Tlacolula Valley, Oaxaca, Mexico. They’re beautiful on the table, food safe, and just get better with age and patina. The smallest bowl is approximately 2 1/4-inches wide (perfect for salt or spice blends), the largest is about 4 3/4-inches wide - great for sauces, fresh herbs, and small sides.

Made by Mujeres del Barro Rojo with Oaxifornia for QUITOKEETO.
Tlacolula Valley, Oaxaca
Set of five bowls.