Olive Blossom Honey

This is a massive jar of honey. We've started to work with a few small, remarkable, nearby apiaries to offer you the most dynamic California honeys we can find. This is our first; a polyfloral honey harvested from a single unsprayed olive orchard north of us. The bees feed on the pollen and nectar of Manzanillo and Mission olive trees along with blossoming lupine, gilia, poppy, and helianthella plants which dot the grove. The result is a dense honey with a pronounced warm sweetness reminiscent of dried apricots and candy corn. Beneath the sweetness are hints of cedar, almonds, and olive-y richness. It pairs especially well with ghee, cheese, and dried fruit. The process of discovering beautiful products hailing from our home landscape of California is a large part of what inspires us, and we're excited to share this special honey with you.

The mouth feel is lush and chewable, and we've waited to ship it until each jar has naturally thickened to a deep golden paste. It is raw and unfiltered, with subtly crunchy, sandy crystals eventually forming around the micro flecks of propolis, pollen, or wax present in the honey. The jar is very large and dense, which will likely provide months of enjoyment (perhaps longer) depending on the size of your household.

40 ounces.
Product of California

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