Opinel Picnic Knife

This little pocket knife is the sort you’ll take on countless outings - road trips, camping, picnics - you name it. Small enough to tuck in a purse, knapsack, or pocket, it's ideal for shaving whisper-thin slices of pecorino, turns honeycrisp apples into perfect bite-sized wedges, and makes hulling ripe strawberries a breeze. The weight and shape of the walnut handle feels substantial and good. It's a pocket knife that, with a bit of care, just keeps getting better with age and adventures.

A few other things to know. There’s a safety ring to lock the blade in the open or closed position. Also, while this isn't a knife that will rust, you should treat it nicely. Prolonged exposure to water or dampness will damage the wood handle. Clean the knife by hand after each use, and dry completely. And, when you remember, dab a bit of food grade mineral oil on the metal parts.
Walnut handle.
Size open:  6 1/2 inches
Blade: 3 1/8 inches  
Made in France.