Pallarès Solsona Kitchen Knife

The perfect everyday knife. It's the one that is always on our counter ready to slice cheese, fruit, or give an ingredient a quick trim. Each Pallarès knife is hand-fashioned from high-quality carbon steel, and set with a boxwood handle. It's a forever piece made by a third-generation knife smith in the small town of Solsona, Spain, not far from Barcelona. Each piece is hand-stamped.

Carbon steel is harder than stainless steel and will hold its edge longer before needing to be sharpened. That said, it requires a bit of care and attention. Always remember to keep your knife dry, as carbon steel will rust when it remains wet. It is also natural for carbon steel to develop a lovely patina over time. Run a towel over the knife between uses and be sure to store in a dry place. We use a Japanese water stone to keep our blade sharp.

8-inch knife / 4-inch blade
Use and Care guide.
Made in Spain.