Leaves & Flowers Peace Tea - Refills

This is such a beautiful tea. From the moment you spoon the blend into your tea strainer you'll notice an enveloping floral fragrance blending with lemon verbena. The visual impact of this tea also can't be underestimated -  flecks of deep magenta roses, milky green leaf tones, and the feathery yellow of the yarrow flower. The flavor is soothing, delicate, and floral with green lemon overtones. 

It is a blend made by Leaves & Flowers in the spirit of peace. Each ingredient in this blend were carefully grown and harvested from nearby farms. From the farmers to Leaves & Flowers, through us, to you, we extend our own prayer - for unity, peace, equality, and love. The blend of tulsi, yarrow flower, rose petal, and lemon verbena is uplifting, stress relieving, anti-oxidant rich, and relaxing.

One ounce of tea (18-20 servings) is loose in a rice paper pouch.
Ingredients (in order of quantity): yarrow flower, tulsi, rose petal, lemon verbena.

We brew the peace tea in our favorite teapot.
Gift-tins of Peace Tea can be found here.
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