Piment d'Argile Dried Clay Pepper

We attempted to stock this rare pepper last year, but were unable to secure an allocation. This year we fared better, thankfully! This mellow, coral-colored pepper is crafted through one of the most exacting methods we know of: Every step requires expertise and complete attention. The peppers are cultivated by hand in the clay soils of Howick, Quebec, and ripe ones are identified by their scent, rather than color. They are air dried, then rested for a month while their flavors concentrate and mingle. Four different shaving tools are used to flake the peppers, producing subtle variations in size, shape, and flavor that make them dynamic to eat. 

The flavor of the peppers is sweet and bright, with notes of earth, artichoke, and citrus, quiet natural smokiness, and a gentle, blooming warmth. They add a zingy top note to nearly anything. We especially love to stir them into yogurt (perhaps after crushing them with a bit of salt in a mortar and pestle) as a sauce for roasted romanesco or frittata. 

Crafted in a very limited quantity.

50 grams.
Product of Canada | Societe-Orignal

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