Coltellerie Berti Pontormo Knife - Boxwood

The inspiration for this evocative knife came from paintings by the master Pontormo, who worked in Florence in the 16th Century. During the relatively rough-and-tumble Renaissance and the decades following, knives like this were all-purpose—used for hunting, self-defense, utility during a journey, and at the table. The tilted handle fits a whole hand and allows the user to exert a bit of force, making this the right knife for a heavy job. Its blade, made of high-carbon steel, is wide with a curved belly that can be used to chop in a rocking motion, or to gather shavings or pieces after cutting. We love it for digging into a big wheel of cheese, or on the table alongside a narrow loaf cake. The blonde boxwood handle has a natural waxed finish and a slightly rustic look.

The Pontormo knife comes with a beech wood block printed with Pontormo’s signature for storage. The set is packed in a beautiful, gift-worthy box.

Coltellerie Berti has been crafting heirloom-quality knives in the Tuscan countryside since 1895. They continue to consider historical reference as they explore modern materials, creating pieces that evidence both contemporary functionality and a long legacy. Still today, each knife is the complete work of a sole craftsman. 

Care: Wipe the knife with a clean cloth after use, or if necessary, wash it by hand with a gentle detergent. Do make an effort to keep this knife dry—since the blade’s steel has high carbon content, its resistance to corrosion is not absolute.

4-inch handle / 7-inch blade.
Made in Tuscany.