Remonte-Pente Maple Syrup

Maple syrup at its absolute best - pure maple swirling with notes of muscovado, vanilla, brown butter, a kiss of lime, and whisper of toasted almond. Remonte-Pente means "ski-lift", a unique cuvée of 70 Brix syrup produced by Richard Semmelhaack from end-of-season sap in the Estrie region of Quebec. It's a syrup made with an incredible amount of care and attention. Natural harvesting techniques are used to collect the maple sap, which is then boiled using dead wood of the same forest. They hit the Quebec industry standard of 66 brix and keep going, resulting in a syrup with increased concentration and enhanced flavor compounds. This is a limited availability maple syrup, delivered in a beautiful bottle dipped in midnight blue wax.

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375 ml / 12.68 ounces
Product of Canada | Société-Orignal