Rose Geranium

Rose geranium is unmistakable for its heady aroma of roses touched with grassy, minty, lemon, and green tea notes. It’s mysterious, unabashedly feminine, and (quite frankly) a bit showy. That said, with some restraint, featuring its unique and fragrant blend of sweet, fresh, and mildly astringent qualities lends a beautifully sophisticated twist to other flavors.

The trick with rose geranium is to introduce just a bit. As with perfume, you want to go easy and a little goes a long way. We use its leaves primarily in infusions of cream, alcohol, or syrup, and its tiny pink flowers as decorative accents.

Quitokeeto’s culinary herbs are sourced by us, and grown in northern California, by farmers who practice organic and biodynamic methods. Each herb is harvested at its peak, when most vibrant, aromatic, and beautiful. They are dried naturally and gently to preserve their potency. These herbs are seasonally available in limited quantity.

Solubility: water, fat, alcohol

Suggested Culinary Uses:

-Make a tisane—especially delicious when combined with hibiscus or mint. 

-Infuse cream for pastry cream or ice cream.

-Cold-infuse vodka for cocktails.

-Cold-infuse vinegar for use in dressings and shrubs.

-Combine with sugar in a jar, then remove the leaves before using the sugar in cakes and cookies.

Complements: Honey, stone fruit, hibiscus, cream, butter, raspberries, citrus, clove, chamomile, black pepper, watermelon, almonds, pistachios, vanilla

Traditional and Therapeutic Uses: Antibacterial and astringent properties are thought to assist in the healing of inflammation in the body. Rose geranium is also considered a mood-lifter and reliever of stress.

100 ml glass jar
Product of California.