Sarah Kersten Everyday Bowl - QK Glaze

We love these custom glazed Sarah Kersten everyday, stacking bowls. Their wide, shallow shape makes them great morning to night, and we use them for everything from ramen and pasta, salads, curries, breakfast, and stews. They are beautiful, nuanced, and have a nice amount of weight - substantial without being too heavy. This is functional pottery at its best.

Each bowl is made with high-fired stoneware and glazed by hand for a nontoxic surface that is resistant to corrosion. The glaze for these bowls is an earthy off-white, with a scattering of flecks and a barely textured, finish. We love the way the bowls look stacked, the differences from one bowl to the next, and the glaze developed specially for QUITOKEETO.

Every bowl is hand crafted, and will reflect subtle variation in tone and pattern. 

Each bowl is  9  x 1 3/4-inches.
Made in California.
Exclusive to QUITOKEETO

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