Semilla de Cilantro

In the United States, we frequently refer to semilla de cilantro—seeds of cilantro—as coriander. A powerhouse of a spice, it has a citrus-forward, slightly sweet, nutty, and floral flavor that is earthy, invigorating, and ethereal. Essential to the complexity and deliciousness of preparations like curries and lentil salads, it is also lovely when its boost of brightness pops up unexpectedly, such as in baking or beverages.

Part of the charm of this coriander, in particular, is its freshness and delightful complexity. We like to layer it throughout preparations—adding it at the start of many recipes, then during cooking, and as a finishing element as well. Crush with a mortar & pestle just before use. Toasting the seeds, before or after crushing, helps release their flavor and fragrance.

Quitokeeto’s culinary herbs are sourced by us, and grown in northern California, by farmers who practice organic and biodynamic methods. Each herb is harvested at its peak, when most vibrant, aromatic, and beautiful. They are dried naturally and gently to preserve their potency. These herbs are seasonally available in limited quantity.

Solubility: water, fat, alcohol

Suggested Culinary Uses:

-Make a Detoxifying Mint Tea.

-Use in Lemongrass Miso Broth.

-Make Green Curry Porridge.

-Add to baked goods, especially oatmeal cookies or shortbread.

-Add to rice or couscous near the end of cooking.

-Mix together with peppercorns in your spice mill. 

-Prepare coriander ghee to cook with or drizzle over soups.

-Use in any curry, lentil soup, or vegetable stew.

-Add to hummus.

Complements: Coconut milk, greens, ghee, cauliflower, cumin, mint, citrus, mushrooms, apples, carrots, nuts, nutmeg, black pepper, coconut milk, lemon, ginger

Traditional and Therapeutic Uses: Coriander has long been used across traditional cultures to support wellness and balance. You see it used to remedy digestive ailments, reduce inflammation due to rheumatism and joint age, treat cholesterol issues, protect against cancer (colon in particular), and protect against lead exposure. It is generally considered a great friend to the liver, and one of nature’s first-class anti-oxidants.

100 ml glass jar
Product of California.