Small Crock - Matte White Fog

A smaller version of these much-loved, and wildly popular fermentation crocks with a custom Matte White Fog glaze. Perfect for smaller batches of krauts, fermented drinks, and pickles. Each crock comes with a beautiful letter-pressed booklet of recipes and instructions.

As many of you who own the larger version know, these fermentation crocks are something special - functional pottery at its best. Berkeley, California-based ceramic artist Sarah Kersten has spent years honing this expression of her convergent passions for ceramics and fermentation. We purchased one crock, and then a second, and then a third, and finally asked Sarah to work with us on a custom glaze to offer here. The crocks are an example of thoughtful design—wrangling a process that might be considered complex and daunting into something simple and nearly foolproof. They utilize a genius technique first seen in ancient China: the lid rests in a narrow well of water during fermentation, sealing the contents against outside oxygen and debris, keeping the environment inside the jar clean and productive.

Each piece is made with high-fired stoneware and glazed by hand for a nontoxic surface that is resistant to corrosion. The glaze is a slightly cool-toned shade of white, with a scattering of tiny cinnamon-colored freckles and a barely textured finish. The color reminds us of the winding fingers of fog that roll in under the Golden Gate Bridge in the summer, and was developed specially for QUITOKEETO by Sarah. Every jar is hand crafted, and will reflect subtle variation in tone and pattern. It comes with a set of crescent-shaped weights to keep fermenting vegetables submerged in brine.

The jars are beautiful on the countertop and easy to move around. Having a single crock is great, graduating (eventually) to multiple crocks allows us to have a range of things in various stages of the fermentation process. 

Each jar holds 2 quarts / 7-inches tall.
Made in California.
Exclusive to QUITOKEETO