Stoneware Copita Soft Lemon Glaze / Natural Clay

A perfect, little stoneware sipping cup - use it for everything from espresso to sake, mezcal or thick, Spanish hot chocolate. Made for us, individually, by San Francisco based ceramicist Julie Cloutier, these small, hand-formed cups are weighty and substantial despite their diminutive size. They feel great in the palm, and make anything you’re sipping all the more pleasant. A duo makes a sweet gift for a friend, and we keep a set of six in constant rotation in our own kitchen. For example, in addition to espresso, they’re the perfect size to serve a small, finishing taste of chocolate mousse - anything decadent and special, that you might not need a larger portion of.

Diversity is part of what makes assembling a collection of hand-made pieces interesting. Please keep in mind, as with any handmade object, there will be variations in the size and glaze (see photos).

Glaze: The glaze on these cups is reminiscent of the skins of lemon cucumbers - rustic brown freckles and all. The yellow ranges from very pale and subtle to slightly more intense soft, lemon sherbet shade. The base is unglazed, natural flecked with pale grey, brown, and rust shades. The copitas are also available in a soft, grey glaze, as well as an espresso glaze and dark brown base.

Each cup is about 2 1/8-inches tall and holds about 1.5 ounces.
Made in Northern California.

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