Therias Carbon Steel Chef's Knife

We know some of you have been waiting to step into the land of carbon steel chef’s knives, and we think this Therias knife is a perfect entryway. We fell for it because of its classic profile—straight out of an old school French kitchen—its lettered handle, confidence-inspiring heritage, approachable price point, and the natural way it handles.

Therias is a sixth-generation knife manufacturer that has been based in Thiers, France since 1819. Thiers is a region long renowned as a center of fine blade production, and is the birthplace of the legendary mark Sabatier. We searched long and hard among the carbon kitchen knives out there, and kept coming back to this one; engineered as a sturdy, all-purpose knife for professionals, it’s straightforward, pared down, and straight from the source. It's difficult to find the version with the Sabatier lettering on the handle (although it is readily pictured this way in other shops). The knife we ship is the one pictured, not a variation.

This knife’s 10-inch blade is pure carbon, which is harder than stainless steel. It will sharpen quickly and hold a keen edge. The shape of the blade is broad and stiff, making it adept at all manner of slicing, shredding, and chopping. The knife’s bolster, blade, and tang are all sculpted from a single piece of steel, so it is tough and strong. A patina will begin to develop quite quickly—this is a natural part of using a carbon knife, and we feel that the gradual deep grey staining of the blade personalizes it. (If you prefer a knife that doesn’t patina, consider the Berti.)

Care: Prevent orange or brown rust from forming by making sure to keep the blade dry. Wipe it with a clean cloth after each use or hand washing, and store it in a block or a special spot where it won’t knock against other knives. To maintain the blade’s edge, you can employ your favorite method of sharpening; we prefer to use Japanese water stones over sharpening steels.

Each knife measures 14.5 inches, with a 10-inch blade.
Crafted in France.

We occasionally have antique 10-inch K Sabatier chef's knives in stock. Also a fantastic option if you like a carbon steel blade.