Victorian Rose-cut Diamond & Enamel Band

An exceptionally rare enameled Henry Griffith & Sons Victorian band with a single primary rose-cut diamond flanked by four smaller rose-cuts. This ring is in beautiful condition, with full British hallmarks, and blue enamel work. Made in 1901. There is a whisper of a scratch in the enamel visible with a 10x loupe.


  • 18k gold (tested)
  • 1900s
  • Very good antique condition.

    Size 6 1/4 - because of the extensive hallmarks, we'd love to refrain from resizing this ring. That said, if you're, interested in this ring, and within ~1 size, please send us an email and we can advise.

    Please note, all resized rings are non-returnable. Please allow 1-2 weeks for resizing, and kindly double check your ring size before ordering.

    Care instructions.