White Marble Mortar & Pestle

We've been searching for just the right mortar & pestle to offer for nearly a year - one that gets all the details right. The mortar & pestle is an essential culinary tool, one we reach for constantly in our own kitchen - yet finding a great one isn't altogether straight-forward. This is one we love. Magnus Lundström's clean, modern design stems from a personal interest in cooking, resulting in a beautiful tool made by someone intent on using it himself. One that is perfectly at home on a countertop when not in use.

Most of the mortar and pestles out there are too small to use across a wide range of cuisines and ingredients. If you want to make pesto, nut butters, salsa, guacamole, curry pastes and the like - this is the size you want. Large, weighty, and substantial - the mortar holds over two cups.

Once you're grinding, you'll notice the marble of the interior bowl remains a bit rough and textured. It's a nice detail that enables the mortar to grip ingredients throughout the grinding process. 

Recipe: Five Herb Pesto
Recipe: Cold Soba Coriander Bowl

Care: To ensure your mortar and pestle lasts many years, improving with age and use, you'll want to clean immediately after use, particularly if you're grinding color-rich ingredients like turmeric, saffron, or herbs. Hot, soapy water, and the abrasive side of a sponge usually does the trick.

3.3 inches x 7.1 inches
by Magnus Lundström in New York City